Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween, 2011!

Greetings everyone! Today is the long awaited Halloween holiday! :) I hope you are all letting your inner ghouls out to float around and frolic in this day!

Since the spirit is green and giving, or bloody and dripping all over the linoleum, I thought I'd share a unique little story with you.

It's titled "Like Paste"

Like Paste

Hear my story.
It is of a mute liar so keen, so illustrious in her ways; she pulls on her hair to get your attention. She points down, begins to draw a story with her eyes.
Chin pressed into her chest, tucked under her shirt. 
The ties in her hair wobble as her mouth moves. She strains for “A” sounds.

“Aaah, aaah,” she gasps.

She draws more sounds through her nose. Dig-Dig…hands pressed suddenly on your cheeks. She frowns at you. You must pay attention.
Her palms smell like wet grease, skin flat, creaseless, suction on your face.
Her eyes come closer to yours as you start to draw back. You feel her palms squeezing.
Don’t leave her, you must hear.
She is trying to embrace you now. Suck you into her cavity fearful of neglect. 
You grab her wrists.


You are free. 
Her tongueless mouth wanders for words in the air.


~jessica m. wilson

Happy Halloween to all! :) 
Make it scary, or go home! 

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