Tuesday, February 7, 2012

On a new mission

Los Angeles is a mecca to all artists and vagabonds, to those easily bored, and to those who want to dream.
This is my city.

So I have a mission to help my poets. I may not know them personally, but I think it is essential to write into history the effective and influential poets that trek across Los Angeles; where 10 miles may feel like 100 miles in LA traffic. While the poor man might be the wisest man, I want to make sure everyone knows his name! You dig?

I'm writing LA Poets into the free encyclopedia...that is the wiki. Since I meet so many writers in this city, I aim to help promote them on a different level, by means of the public eye and the internal internet.

First on my list, my muse. Second could be you...


  1. Scrolls & Quills:

    Oh my god!
    How bright my eyes I focused on her, to quench my sighs that fell up on her!
    Did not my senses reveal a future told?
    Did I allow a misty vail to be obscure?
    Now latent years have passed me by; I sit alone just wondering why?
    This child so pure and keen, has set my life to be serene!
    That now before my very eyes, I see myself immortalized!
    Shes'quickends me beyond compare, she touches my soul to bid affair; eternal sufferage to where I dare!
    I am compelled to make that claim, to where I'm destend I have no shame, I love my daughter all the same!

  2. Aw, this is lovely! :) I do appreciate the support and so glad you saw this page! <3


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