Thursday, September 6, 2012

100 Thousand Poets/Musicians for Change - Los Angeles (2012)

The above is a picture of Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles, representing the paths of the Poets and Musicians for Change - Los Angeles!

With over 100 Poets representing the voices of Los Angeles, 100 Thousand Poets for  Change/Musicians for Change, settles in the iconic and historic Literary Arts Center, Beyond Baroque in Venice, California.

Our mic is no stranger to the struggle for representation of the “unseen and unheard”. We’re proud to be a part of worldwide history, as we unite and stand up for CHANGE!

Los Angeles will feature an Open Mic for Change, and include many talented Poets from each end of the political and social spectrum with the profound voices of Susan Hayden, Gia Scott Heron, Billy Burgos, to the performances of Lee Boek, Rich Ferguson, and James Berkowitz, plus voices from the Revolutionary Poets Brigade led by Mark Lipman, and Spanish poets “Poesia” led by Antonieta Villamil, and the musical thunder of the Rooftop Revolutionaries! We are one – we seek nothing but to share what we see – and urge the world to CHANGE!

 ~Jessica M. Wilson


If you want to see who else is participating, here is a quick view of all the hosts 'round the world!

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