Monday, May 20, 2013

A Sad Note: Goodbye, Ray Manzarek

Ray Manzarek (1939 -2013) breaks on through...

My friend James said, he has "left for spirit", and I knew what that meant, but was in denial.
I am so sorry to lose one of my that collectively inspires me to stay true to my own beat.
He was an artist and a mentor...

A real Musician with immense poise and concentration -- a magical ear
fingertips so light and nimble
to dance around the keys like a pure genius -- which he was.

I'm so honored to have even met him...It was Doors Fest 2002... He was so nice, smiling...said he liked my shirt (which was a worker shirt with a Jim Morrison (1943-1971) patch) The one regret I have is not taking a picture with him. He signed my box set and was genuinely happy to interact with his fans.


I even saw him at the Egyptian Theater in celebration of the 50 Year Anniversary for LA Woman. :) He was was Robbie. Of course you recognize when people age...but he seemed to be on his game...a vocal leader for The Doors. I have videos... I will have to get those up here sometime.

I love you, and how you've made me feel...

Raymond Daniel Manzarek... meet the Lizard King. I hope you two will jam the funk outta the spirits!

~ sincerely yours
Jessica Marie Wilson

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