Monday, June 17, 2013

Tribute Night for Venice Poet, Scott Wannberg

Saturday, June 15th at Beyond Baroque in Venice, CA -- many Los Angeles Poets gathered to pay tribute to the legendary voice of Venice, Poet Scott Wannberg. In 2011, Wannberg passed away due to many medical issues...his legacy continues to sprout from the gardens, the walls, and the hearts inhabiting the literary arts mecca. Led by fellow Carma Bum, S.A. Griffin, the love for Scott Wannberg flew to the skies and beyond.

I  am exceptionally proud to be a part of the tribute, as I personally didn't get to meet and come to know Scott. However, I do see the the seeds of his words, and how they have come to grow and grow out further into the world, touching more souls and spirits. I am proud to read the works of Scott Wannberg and hope I can only do his words the justice of being read as he intended.

With great respect, here I am with a very accomplished Flutist, Juan Cardenas, together we perform Wannberg's poem, "The War".

Jessica Wilson & Juan Cardenas perform Scott Wannberg's "The War":

Full footage of Scott Wannberg Tribute Night hosted by S.A. Griffin:

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