Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Los Angeles Poet Society Summer Poetry Contest!

Los Angeles Poet Society & Writers' Row bring you a NEW summer poetry contest with a minimum $25 cash prize!

This poetry contest is asking all entrants to respond to the following question:
"Why did you come to LA?"

In no more than 200 lines, send us your poem telling us Why you came to Los Angeles.

All submitted work will be judged by Los Angeles Poet Society.
$1 donation per entry (details below).

The Prize
The sole winner will win $25, plus all the proceeds from the contest entry donations.
The winner will also be published online at the Writers' Row website and the Los Angeles Poet Society blog.
The winning author will also be asked to feature at a Writers' Row event celebrating the publication.

For the Runners' Up
Notable submissions will be published online at the Writers' Row website and the Los Angeles Poet Society blog.

Authors will also be asked to join in a feature at a Writers' Row event celebrating the publication.

Criteria to Enter
This contest is open to current Los Angeles county residents only
Submit up to 3 poems max per person
Poems must be less than 200 lines
Submitted work must not be previously published

*** Please make sure that your name only appears on your cover page, and not on each page of your poem(s).***

Submission Deadline is August 15th, midnight

How to Enter
Email a text document (.doc, .rtf, pdf, .txt) to venicesoapboxpoets@gmail.com with subject line:
 “Why I came to LA”; first name last name

Deadline for entry: August 15, 2012
$1 donation asked for each entry. Donations can be made as a gift to our paypal account: wilson9jm@yahoo.com  Make sure to send as a gift so the full $1.00 is posted to paypal.

Remember, the more that is donated, the larger the CASH PRIZE will be!

Good luck to all of you!

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  1. Titled: Kinky LA Travel

    "Why did you or I come to LA?" poetry to write, a poem to emerge
    better yet a story to tell a moment to flirt, stardom and or just for Sun
    from New York to Hollywood and the feelings simply right, to splurge
    one can’t come or go to any part of; if one was born as I am the one,
    my Son
    can’t say from the deep South, Mexico or Canada, I guess came to Shop
    I guess simply to Shop in LA!

    Structure 09/21/2013
    to bad I learned about it today 9-21-13


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