Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Writers' Row: May 16, 2012, Featuring Brendan Constantine!

Tonight, make your way to downtown LA, and park your feet at 5th and Spring St.; home of the Last Bookstore!

We are proud to feature two emerging poets and one of the great LA poets, Brendan Constantine!

Inline image 1 Jessica Ceballos has been writing for over 20 years but has begun taking it seriously over the last two. Her work has appeared in Centre Review and more recently in Hinchas de Poesia Issue #6. She is also a facilitator for the 20th Century Latin American Poetry Workshop held on Thursday nights at Beyond Baroque. Though she was born and raised in Los Angeles, you will always find her trying to figure out why it is she stays.

Inline image 2 Uriel Tovar is an aspiring poet born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. Born to a Catholic family, his parents instilled religion in him at an early age which fostered his development and discipline. He attended St. Genevieve School for twelve years, then went to St. John's Seminary to pursue the priesthood. Developing most of his writing craft during those years, it is no surprise that the philosophical and theological writings which he was studying influence his poetry.

Inline image 4 Brendan Constantine is a poet based in Hollywood. His most recent collections are 'Birthday Girl With Possum' (2011 Write Bloody Publishing) and 'Calamity Joe' (2012 Red Hen Press). He is currently poet-in-residence at the Windward School.  In addition, Mr. Constantine regularly conducts workshops in hospitals, foster homes, & with the Alzheimer’s Poetry Project.
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Writers' Row tonight!
453 S. Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90013 (corner of 5th and Spring)
Time: 7:30-10pm
+Open Reading (2 pieces, 5 mins max)
Free of charge
Snacks from Los Angeles Poet Society

Enjoy the ambiance, network, and become inspired at the beautiful Last Bookstore! 

Books and Music now sold in the Last Bookstore! Come check it out!

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