Thursday, May 10, 2012

Coming to Fruition

Today I received an endorsement of my book, Marie Morrison. This was not just any endorsement...yet honestly, any received is just an accomplishment in itself.
As long as the feedback is accurate in what the reader experiences, I am happy to hear it.

I received a blurb from Maurya Simon. She is an amazing contemporary Poet who I am blessed to have learned from. Her poetry holds such beauty and preciseness, along with a lyricism that captures my heart each time. Hearing words fall from her lips is like a lullaby of sounds; she enchants me. Today, I earned more words, though this time on behalf of my own creation of work. I am simply just proud to hear from her...anything she has to tell me is, to me, the most important.

She embraced my work, and now in recollection, I am weeping. I am proud to have her in my life as a friend, muse, and someone that I forever admire. The reason I am even able to write Marie Morrison is due to her patience and strong tutelage which re-lit a fuse in my soul to continue on my path.

Maurya states that my collection of work is "compelling and thought provoking", and beyond this, believes the collection is a great debut of a "unique vision". I am greatly appreciative and simply proud of my journey. I embrace all blessings to "write on".

More Maurya Simon. <3

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