Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bringing Erotic Poetry to Life

Back in September 2009, I had the genuine and rare privileged to execute my erotic poetry in persona to the public at an erotic art festival called Art Undressed. It was a celebration of a new erotic anthology produced by Erotic Signature. The group, out of Florida, was conducting a tour across the United States, calling out for all erotic artists to join in the celebration. I gladly stepped up to that call, and joined in a wonderful celebration of raw art! In fact, I was the only Poet representing erotica, and I was so pleased to be given the creative freedom to showcase my work in the fashion I desired.

Night 1: Burlesque adorned as Raw Bits flew from my lips to entice the audience around me. During this opening night, I had quite a variety of attentive listeners, and many dear friends supporting this feat.

Night 2: The Dominatrix unleashed herself in a fragrant display of perversion, involving much audience participation along the way. Language fleeing from lips and eyes in moments, hypnotizing the attentive.

Night 3: A lovely display of perverse story time, as all gathered around on the carpet, eagerly awaiting their imaginations to be held and moved along the edge.

The above clip is a slideshow of images in order of the events listed above. I hope you enjoy, and I do hope I get to do this again! :) <3

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