Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dream, Dream, Little Dancer!

Smiles from the land of Los Angeles!
I am so proud to share some family news... Juan and I's niece, Rubbbbbbbbbbby (ruby rooooo), is a dancer! She is 11 years old and is so committed to her skill; she is constantly reinventing and working on her moves :)

I am so HAPPY to announce that the Dance troupe from Roy Romer Middle School in North Hollywood, has WON 3 1st place trophies for Dance in the WEST COAST CHAMPIONSHIP from Sharp International!

Holy moly! I am so proud of this lil mama! She is already following her passion and is kicking butt!

Lots of love to you, Ruby Roo! You make us so proud, Shine on little DANCER!

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