Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

This is 2012!

Welcome to my life :) You know, I wonder...am I the only one that sits and wonders how I am able to exist amongst all these people in the world? What I mean by this, is not misanthropy. What I mean is how am I able to have consciousness and exist and go and move at my own whim. How do I exist?
All these other creatures, (people, bugs, trees), exist while I exist. We all are able to operate all at once, simultaneously in multiple directions. How is that possible? It's so much larger than I can begin to conjure. So I don't.

I just be.

So my New Years' Resolution: Live in the Moment.

Some of you might know me. Some of you might think, wow...that is no stretch, you're a voluptuary...You're lacivious, engage in your desires without question... So strange. So what does it mean to live in the moment? It's not just giving into the needs of the moment, but allowing the moment to settle over you, then into you, until you are completely aware of the intersection. It's an intercourse with the moment, body in consciousness...an awareness or appreciation. Whichever my reaction to the moment.

That is what I will practice because the last few months moved too quickly where I was not aware of each moment. While it seems impossible to be able to make each moment lasting, I know that the handful which I collected in 2011 were not as many as my potential would have allowed.
There you go.
I will live in the moment.

I have been listing and listing in my head, things that I want to accomplish this new year. Actually, it's more like things I want to accomplish in my adulthood. I want to reach some direction with intent. Right now, as it has been during the last quarter of 2011, I am at a crossroads. 5 branches under my feet, veining outward, and I in the middle.

I'm 31. Single. Childless. Adventurous. Adaptable.

I don't want to share my wants for the year, as I am far too uncertain of all directions. That should be testament to how many branches sit under my feet.

Happy New Year!!! <3 Write Now, Write On, Write in the Moment! <3

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