Friday, January 27, 2012

Tribute to Justin A. Adler (1981-2010)

Justin Allen Adler
*artist*father*son*soul mate*

There is no greater gift that you can give to someone than the gift of your time. Essentially, that is all we have, and that is all we will keep. 

Justin on New Years 2010! Las Vegas, baby!

Beyond the skies, there is another tomorrow that will be limitless, and only those who dwell there can know the fragility of its essence. When you walk, who will you know? When you cross, who will you expect to see? Our love is what pulls us to those we know, like a magnetic force, across all plains. We will always exist, as we once had, together, but eternally. 

This page is dedicated to the memories of Justin Adler. Leave your love; share your memories. This marks the 2nd year since he has moved from our sights, but his memory will always remain in our hearts.



Still up, after our first night meeting each other. We saw the sun rise.

Our first picture together; The Griffin.

Justin at his favorite bar: The Witches Brew :)

Justin's 28th birthday at my Woodland Hills pad, he called it the  "Mountain Retreat".

"Anyone that likes The Doors is good by me"
-- Justin Adler (first time we met)

"Did someone say, 'Justin'?"
-- Justin Adler (this was his opening line) :)

The Artist never stops working...

He sees art in everything. The world is his canvas!

Loved and beloved; this is our Mantra...

While I was justinline,
your were justintime
to take your seat next to cupids beat.
A plea from the skies -- the Adler flies
to beats of the pounding drum
heard along with Morrison's hum --
then a soft honey breeze -- wild spirit at ease.
These are our days
now knowing our face, 
in this time and place
we are justinlove
and will remain that way

-- Jessica M. Wilson



  1. what a beautiful tribute <3
    i remember the first night we met him and how taken you were with him. true <3


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