Friday, April 12, 2013

Los Angeles at 100 Thousand Poets for Change (100TPC), Spring Forward in Santa Rosa, CA!

That's right! Angelenos came from far to Santa Rosa, California, a city rich in railroad history, paying homage to the beloved Charles Schultz, and birthplace of 100TPC! Since 2010, 100TPC has come together bringing the world's love for poetry, art, music, dance, and many more soon [and growing!] -- with the desire to see our world change! World is relative -- because we are all representing our own world's of thought, experiences, nuances, and gravitys, as we fuse our geographic boundaries.

It all started with the Poets! When the Poets see... they share. They want the eyes of the world to recognize...and at last, here we are.

100 Thousand plus...
                                                                         ............for Change.

When Mohammad Ibn Al Ajami is done unjust, in representing his world, his reality, for what it is, what it has unfolded...he shares his words, his truths. As a Poet he is essential to us and to those within our world who either do not see, or are not being heard.

It all starts with a Poet...and it has.

We are 100 Thousand and more...
                                                                   ...............for FREEING Mohammad Ibn Al Ajami!!!!!!!

The above video was recited at 100 TPC Spring Forward, words by Poet Antonieta Villamil.

To sign a petition to urge for release of Poet Mohammed Ibn Al Ajami, please visit this site:

We need to see our Poet free!!!
Share the above link and publicize this treachery so that together, we can overturn the courts and release our Poet from imprisonment!

I encourage you all to use your voice and pen together, as it is a blessing (which we take for granted) to be able to speak out for change in the areas dear to us and take action towards true change.

Let's not stop the fight for Mohammed Ibn Al Ajami!

Peace to you all.

Jessica M. Wilson

Photos & Videos from 100 TPC, Spring Forward

Location: Arlene Francis Center in Santa Rosa, CA

April 5-8, 2013

The Arlene Francis Center, within the historic railroad district

Celebrate Poetry for Change!

Poet Jessica Wilson from LA 100 TPC

The "Chief" of 100TPC, Michael Rothenberg and the iHOP team, Riis Larsen and Jake Ward!

Michael Rothenberg addressing the audience of 100TPC Spring Forward!

Music & Performance

Onye and The Messengers jam with a fusion of sounds to move your soul!


Jessica Wilson's "Poetry Gear" and Art created on site by Artists

Terri Carrion and Michael Rothenberg with friends and Poets
Santa Rosa Poet, Youssef Alaoui

Antonieta Villamil of 100 TPC Los Angeles and Bilingual Organizer for 100TPC

Julio "the CongaPoet" Rodriguez representing Los Angeles and revolutionary voices!

Masaba of The Last Poets, laying down some rhythm.

Awesome! (Wish this came out clearer)

Mark Lipman of 100TPC Los Angeles and the Revolutionary Poets Brigade

Terri Carrion with Jessica Wilson, Poets and Friends outside the Arlene Francis Center.

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