Friday, August 22, 2014

My New Favorite MODERN Band: The Mystic Braves!

Holy holy! I heard these cats play at the Santa Monica Pier, opening up for The Zombies! Wow, if that is not a great credit to musical history, I don't know what is :)

The Mystic Braves...headed to the stage, waited patiently to be introduced...sunset reflecting off of black shades...they were cloaked in velvet pea coats, skinny pants, and looked damn sharp! As soon as the first song launched into the air, I was hooked.

The Mystic Braves at the Santa Monica Pier - 8/21/14
The Mystic Braves at the Santa Monica Pier - 8/21/14

I love surf rock -- Dick Dale -- and his thundering guitar.
I love The Doors and the psychedelic trips Ray Manzarek's organ would take sending my mind tumbling through time.
I love the old ramble of a steady Rockabilly beat, reminiscent of Johnny Cash, and the western twang of Marty Robbins.
I love the cry of Carlos Santana's guitar as it reaches the heavens in its peaking...

There is no music like this anymore... not that I have found. Not that I have heard. I know I haven't been everywhere, but what I like has been hard to find.

but wow.
have you heard the Mystic Braves?
have you heard the sound from these young cats of Echo Park - Los Angeles, CA?

They revisit the sounds that I cherish, fuse them into a new genre of audio... they call themselves a "Psych" band. Both my husband and I love "hippie rock", the era of Psychedelia (Jimi Hendrix, Doors, Jefferson Airplane)... and we had our minds BLOWN!
Our minds rocketed right up into the Milky Way! These guys ROCK!

What are we looking at?
We've got the lead singer, guitar player -- gone electric, gone surf rock, gone western, gone GLORIOUS with rock n roll! Holy hell! :)

Then there is the bassist and singer... who can sing awfully high and beautifully --watching him smack his bass with grace the entire time!

Then you have your organist who also plays percussion... keeping the steady beat supporting the guitars, then rocking out on a solo on the organ to make you BOP in your socks! O man, that was awesome!

Then you have your rhythm guitar -- keeping the steady tempo and holding onto a psychedelic riff all the whiles another psychedelic, or electric, or surf steady riff holds on top of that... A musical jam sensation! Again...this band blew our minds!

Then you have your drums... the drummer was cool the entire time... I don't think I saw him sweat, he was so damned cool! :) He kept a steady beat on symbols and rocked the big drums! I loved it.

Wow! So there you go... The Mystic Braves! I will follow this band all over town they are that awesome. In fact, I hope to be able to do a show where I can bring them onboard!
Here is their Facebook:
Their webpage:

Annnnnnnnnnd for your listening is their LP! Gotta love YouTube!

Peace & Love amigos!


I did take some Zombie pictures, but they all came out "meh" and fuzzy...but here are The Zombies!!! 
Long live Collin Blunstone and Rod Argent! 

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