Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sending family off in style! Aloha, Cathy Cole!

CATHY COLE - the Spirit of Life Award Winner!

Cathy receiving her award at Bob's Espresso Bar!  (Photo by Victor Sotomayor)

We are saying "tootle-loo" to our great friend and family member, Cathy Cole! Cathy will be moving to Hawaii this weekend... 

Cathy tapping into our hearts! (Wearing her infamous, "Listen to Bob" shirt)
Cathy and her Ukulele!
The beautiful Cathy Cole playing at Writer Wednesday -- NoHo, Bob's Espresso Bar!

Cathy joined the gang at Writer Wednesday since we began -- she came in with her Ukulele and her determination to play it -- plus her big beautiful smile! Her energy is so pure and giving...we all fell in love with her! Soon, she was writing songs and playing many many songs on her Uke! Cathy has been such an inspiration for all artists everywhere! We love your creative soul, and your faith in "smiling" away the dull moments, negative moments, and just ENJOYING LIFE!

Cathy wrote the theme song for Writer Wednesday at Bob's Espresso Bar!!! 

Click on the video, or you can take a listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jF0bNh5J5SE 

I am going to miss Cathy tremendously, but I know we will see her again as a GUEST PERFORMER! Sending lots of love and hugs to Miss Cathy Cole! :)
 --  Jessica & Your family at Bob's!

Such a powerful message from a SURVIVOR with such a beautiful spirit!

Cathy, Thank you for all that you've given us, and the inspirations you've shared! We are going to have to go back to u-streaming the show just for Cathy because she is that loved!

speaking of the love... 

the Los Angeles Poet Society, driver behind Writer Wednesday, want to award E. Cathy Cole with the

Spirit of Life 

The Spirit of Life Award (SOL), is presented to a member of the Los Angeles community for their dedication to their creativity, and for being a driving force within their communities, serving spoonfuls of inspiration and camaraderie through art. 

Since her journey led her to Bob's for Writer Wednesday, Cathy has shown us her sorrows and dreams, and we've watched her transform that sorrow into beauty, and her dreams become concrete, through the vehicle of art and her determination. Each week, Cathy continued to learn her Ukulele, and soon master it to be able to write her own music! 

She has since created the theme song for Writer Wednesday at Bob's Espresso Bar, tap danced and sang, and featured for the Salon @ NoHo, and Writer Wednesday! Cathy's energy also led her to volunteer with the Los Angeles Poet Society for the 1st Annual Lit Crawl in LA, North Hollywood! 

She is a true inspiration and shares her love of the arts and zest for life with all of us! We are so proud of who she is and blessed to be a part of her life!  

Thank you, Cathy! It's an honor to give you this award, and name it for you all the years to come! Lots of love to you always!
- Jessica M. Wilson
Los Angeles Poet Society, Founder/President


  1. I am the fortunate recipient of her love in paradise.
    I am Floyd and Cathy and I are loving our life here together.
    She has written more than 25 songs to date and has Started recording them in a professional studio. She will compile a full CD of her songs likely in 2016.
    She has joined a couple of ukulele groups that meet weekly and play music together.
    She entered the Duke's Ukes competition a few months ago. She played and sang her first recorded song and won 3rd place in her division.
    SHE IS AMAZING and I am so blessed
    Floyd 😉

    1. Hi Floyd,
      That is so wonderful! I wish so much peace and blessings for you both. Cathy is a beautiful person! I love her and I am so happy you both are together on this journey! <3 xoox
      aloha! :D I am so proud of her!


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