Monday, June 2, 2014


When you woke up today, did you think of yourself as performing for someone?
Are you on a showcase for superstars?
A new reality of your own to make shine...

What if you reached up to grab at your knees
pull them inside your chest, caving;
the carving of anatomical complexities, just wide to imagine.

Open your mouth and let the air flow in
like a falling star from gravity
entering beyond orbit
into lungs, beating heart -- a hobby.

I breathe, to make myself more useful.
A hobbyist. Open large, exhale loud -- a hobby.
Just an action to a reaction to an action, deliberate or not.
A hobby.

Talked on the phone today
heard from mom and dad. They seemed to want to care today.
Seemed to feel the need to understand
their daughter, a living entity all on her own,
a living victory of their mismatched seeds.
A final exam of master-hood.

Yet, still my breath to them -- a hobby.

- Jessica M. Wilson

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