Wednesday, July 27, 2011

In Loving Memory of Anthony St. Jude Greene

My best friend died Sunday, July 24, 2011.
Best and oldest friend...a brother and someone connected to my soul throughout life.

It's not entirely real to me...we'd always talk, plan trips to see each other. This is going to be hard.

He struggled a lot throughout his life; his weight problem, respiratory issues, sensitivity in general as he got older and heavier.
It's a damn shame. He was a very strong man. Very strong! He'd fight off death for years. :)
He'd joke about it a lot...saying that death is gonna have to fight harder because he's not giving up.

His heart gave out, his body had enough trauma. He just had to let go, we have to acknowledge that he lived hard, fought well, died nobly.

We'd joke about our heritage...we had much of the same mix of mutt in us, which was quite unique. He was also the son of many many vikings! Norsemen were tough, full of valor and grit, arghhhhhhh! Those medieval times men had nothing on Anthony Greene. :)

It's unbelievable how badly I am going to miss him.
33 years old. He knew me. The true "meebies"...(my nickname)...truer than I'd ever be able to see.

I see him too. Antny Greene...Grrrrrrrrrrrrreene, the Irishman...lover of wolves, horror flicks, and Alyssa Milano.  haha He got me into Karate, knives, Laurel K. Hamilton, taught me how to clean a pool, play some video games, clip bonsai trees, love unconditionally.

This is my brother.

I love you, brother!<3 Rest peacefully.


  1. Jessica, This is Dexter, Anthony's friend.
    Marlene contacted me via Facebook just after Anthony died, but facebook never told me I had the message, so unfortunately, I just discovered this today.
    I'm so deeply saddened by this... Ive never met someone with such an indestructible, enduring soul- this just confuses my whole being. I tried to call him in June when I was visiting California, with no answer sadly. Was he ill at this time? Can you give me some more details? my email address is I really would like to hear more about what happened.
    The connection I had with him was so immediate, wonderful and strong. I really really loved and still love him very much.
    I'm sorry that I found out so late.

  2. Hi Dex, I'm going to send you an email. It's good to hear from you, sorry it's such bad news :(


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