Thursday, July 21, 2011

My friend, Le Corbusier and NEWLY Published WORK!

I was ecstatic to hear this morning that my poem "Fantasy Parisian Natural Habitat" was published in Edgar Allan! What wonderful news to wake to. I couldn't be more proud.

To view the poem, click the link below:

This poem stemmed from my fascination of Le Corbusier's phenomenal house, the Villa Savoye.

This beautiful home was constructed using Le Corbusier's 5 points of living -- essentially, these are the key elements to constructing a good house.

He said that the "house was a machine for living". 

The five points included:

1. No front fascade (meaning that all sides of the structure could be seen as "the front".)

2. Ribboned windows (to allow as much natural light into the home without compromise of privacy)

 3. A raised structure (so that the actual living quarters was off of the ground)

4. A free plan (meaning that the interior should flow in and out of each other)

5. My personal favorite, the rooftop garden (since the house is a machine, it is essential that humankind continue to connect to nature, which is provided in one's very own rooftop garden) The rooftop garden inspired even more work of mine, as it's quite an attractive feature.

Le Corbusier was also a furniture designer. 
Within the Villa Savoye many of his custom furnishings can be found. 

This photo displays the spiral staircase leading up from the parking area into the house. Also shown is one of my favorite elements in the bath, which is the built in bath tub, that is actually built into the floor, decorated with fine mosaic tiles. 

This home is a feast for my mind! I plan to visit it some day in my lifetime!


  1. Nice Jessica! Architecture is a love of mine too. Wonderful insight and elaboration on a fine poem. Thanks for sharing and offering a rare look into the inspiration of your poem and the arts. :) Love it will add this link to your page. ~Apryl

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