Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Published in Calliope's Closet

I'm thrilled today! Really feeling good about myself and the work that I am doing.
I enjoy helping other writers, and I am so excited when things I create works out.

Writers' Row is a fantastic hub of writers that stemmed from my root-fascination from Riverside.
The Mission Inn, Writers' Row. A place where authors such a Faulkner and Garland stayed. Now I've given the spirit to downtown LA and am able to transcend this historic spirit to another place thralled with history.
It's very exciting for me.

SoapBox Poets was a work in progress in my head for many moons; it just took the right partner to make this a reality! The idea was solid: go to the boardwalk, stand on a crate and recite poetry. People passing by were intrigued. They wanted to listen. Truth is, the boardwalk was a hard front for poetics, just hard on the voice, but the idea was very welcomed. So now SoapBox has an indoor home, and many come to join us each last Sunday of the month. I'm very proud.

Another day of conquest, so it seems, for LA. I do believe in the spirit of Los Angeles. I know it's gritty, but it's my hometown.

So the point. I got published. Here she is :)

Thank you to Nicole Fournier for giving me such beautiful pictures! :)


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