Wednesday, November 16, 2011


And then the door opened suddenly. Inside greeting me was a large smile and sparkling eyes, blue as the ocean he often peered at, in genuine appreciation for my return home.
I was ultimately stunned that such a beautiful man could beam so full for me. Glowing eyes pulled me in, asked me for a taste of his love. I pulled the hair from my eyes, a veil of humility tugged by fortune. I reached out to him and he grabbed me in for the kiss. His Mother watched...and neither seemed to care.

"I've missed you!"

  I can see.         I'm taken, swept up if you believe in that.

This was love; without lines, insecurities, yes but only imagined in my head. An unleashed passion; the merging of two artists' souls.

Off to the room we went. Door shut, locked; not to emerge until the morning shower. Long arms and smiles, the bedside manners so appropriate and longed for. I hate being the first one up, leaving the love nest for the coldest world I know. But he was good, always ready for me to flee, got my shower ready, my meal, my kisses for the day's work.

When I climbed up to my tower, I knew that I would see him. The lull of blues reminiscent of his eyes. They were peaceful; perched into my heart.

the ocean is waning . i'm lucky to see it from here. i can appreciate its force. 
There is a gentle beauty -- hum ripping away at each wave. it's the hum that mixes water with sand. earth and the air... which cooled my fire, but the earth would soon have its way, taking back her son.

... ~Jessica M. Wilson

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