Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tick tock, rat tat tat...

Is that the sound of one woman typing? It might just be!
I saw a picture floating around of me in a pair of yellow footsie pajamas and a blue typewriter. I was 3 years old. Maybe my parents were trying to tell me something when they gifted it to me for Christmas many years ago. Or maybe it's just coincidence... hmm

:) I will have to show you that picture, but in the meantime, here is a photo of the typewriter my writing gig will help me purchase tomorrow, hopefully :)

Perhaps this will inspire me to write a manifesto of all the eyeballs in this city. :) Each citizen has two eyes, typically... so that means that there are over 8 million eyeballs floating around the Los Angeles vicinity.

Yipes! That also accounts for the amount of legs and arms as well. Just a tidbit.

Ah and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my good friend, Jayson Pida!
To celebrate his birthday, I will share with you a poem by him!


I Swear My Blood (in ogham)


Creeping to the blue stones
after the ceremony.
She laid upon a worn bloodline,
shivering and waiting.

( …mo rhyddhau )
Anxious, they emerged.
Stretched as toes and branches from the sleeping oaks,
wove through frost-laden henges,
dove upon her.
She was invisible below a leviathan body,   
accepted, taken.

Her family wailed through the village
as the authorities searched.
But the Holy Man walked among the rings
and smiled.
The matter has been sealed.

Jayson Pida

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