Monday, November 21, 2011


Ever dream of restoring the Old World?
I do... but the old world I long for isn't the 1400s, it's not even the time of antiquity which was quite beautiful and more appreciative of the spoken word that society reflects today...

The time I crave is of the last century; the 1940s and 1950s. Of course there is a give and take.
I'd like to maintain our evolved way of thinking, our liberation, our rights.
However, the times of the 40s and 50s might have continued the way they did because life wasn't as liberal... this is a conundrum of circumstance that I must address and explore.

Why does this world appeal to me? Probably because it isn't all that distant, and things were much more attainable then. A meal, a full meal was about $2. Gasoline could be sustained on mere pocket change.
I like the quality of life that was exuded back then; when people enunciated and read. We reached out more to the physical than the electronic. People looked at our faces, made eye contact, and took pride in their work, presentation.... every action was an art.

Am I just a dreamer from an era too young to understand? I think it's just important to realize, while change is good, there are many things that can be well-maintained just the way they are.

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